The beneficial nature of leading a thoughtful, well-designed life has been thoroughly explored and has been linked to leading a happier life. In fact, scientific literature perfectly demonstrates that individuals that have a purpose in life, specifically people in their younger years, find that it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning. At a genetic level, people are driven to help others and live within a framework that rests upon solving problems and fixing errors. But what about when the general population extends a welcoming hand to those in need?

For readers that wish to start the journey towards self-improvement and realization, helping others is a logical place to begin. In fact, many volunteers and charity workers have noted their ability to fix problems within their area helped them come in contact with powerful individuals within their respective communities. Similarly, people who have a list of charities, community projects and volunteer groups associated with their name are more likely to receive jobs, be promoted in the workplace and climb the hierarchical ladder within their profession.

But the ultimate goal when helping others is taking one’s mind off of their current affairs and shifting their outlook towards helping others succeed. Through the daily commotion of workplace politics, neighbourhood drama, bills and staying in shape, most people need a moment to relax. Although it may seem counterproductive, taking the focus off of one’s personal goals and aspirations and shifting it towards a common goal or mission provides a calming, therapeutic effect. In fact, the American Psychological Association discovered that many large organizations instill volunteer work as a means to elicit core values in their employees. The workers that devoted their non-working hours towards helping others strengthened their leadership skills, improved their ability to communicate with others and demonstrated an elite-level of personal development. Although it may come as no surprise, these individuals were able to lead happier, effective and more rewarding lifestyles in the years to come.

For readers that may find themselves in the conundrum of trying to improve themselves, perhaps the aforementioned approach will provide insight into the matter. Helping others, instead of the self-reflective focus on the self, seems to provide individuals with astonishing results — physical, emotional and otherwise.