Cancer Awareness

Jeff Ber is the Vice President of Operations at Oneball, a charitable organization striving to support men diagnosed with testicular cancer. A cancer survivor himself, Jeff Ber is on a personal mission to continue the fight for others through cancer awareness efforts.

newspaper-medicine-health-magnifying-glassCancer Patient Turned Cancer Awareness Advocate

From a debilitating diagnosis to a remarkable defeat!

When Jeff Ber received his terminal diagnosis of testicular cancer, his life changed forever.  From all the thoughts that undoubtedly raced through his mind, one notion was clear: he wasn’t going to give up.  Fueled by a sense of determination, Ber’s cancer journey proved to defy the odds and he defeated his personal battle.  Although he’s now cancer-free, Ber has yet to throw in the towel on the battle at large. With his life forever changed, he’s on a mission to change the lives of others as a cancer awareness advocate by teaming up with his brothers in the battle against testicular cancer.

Oneball Charitable Cancer OrganizationJeff Ber Oneball Charity

Inspired by personal passion, Oneball prides itself on being an unconventional testicular cancer charity.  As the story often goes, taking the risk of being different can pay off. That’s why Oneball is taking a course of action that flips the script.  Vowing to break down the barriers of stigma surrounding men’s health, the mission and values of Oneball are uniquely conversational. While living with the reality of a cancer diagnosis can often be grim and depressing, this organization takes an approach that fuels positivity through personality.  This approach aims to remind patients that a diagnosis should not have to change who you are.

Inspired by his own journey with testicular cancer, Jeff Ber joined the Oneball team as Vice President of Operations.  The experience provides him with a platform to actively contribute to his goal of spreading cancer awareness. Backed by his own remarkable defeat of the disease, Ber strongly believes that others can enjoy the same cancer-free success — despite the odds.

Nicknamed “the backbone of Oneball” by his brothers (and sister!) on the Executive Team, Jeff Ber is prepared to go to battle for patients diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He is incredibly proud to be a part of an organization whose approach is fueled by a uniquely unconventional sense of passion. Together, the team, along with its supporters and volunteers, are determined to make an active difference in the lives of men with testicular cancer — “one ball at a time!”