Virtual Volunteering 101 

Volunteering has a multitude of benefits, not only for the individual or group receiving the service but for those providing it as well. Volunteers can range in the areas they work and serve, including trained services such as education or emergency rescue, or on an…

Health & Fitness

Training for a Marathon: 

A marathon consists of 26.2 miles and is no small feat. Proper preparation is essential in not only accomplishing your goal but in preventing injury as well. Participants often devote at least one year to train for this monumental but gratifying task. It is also…


How to be an Ethical Volunteer 

Ethical volunteering is a process of providing support either as a person or using personal resources with good intentions and not volunteering for personal gains. Charitable organizations that engage in ethical volunteering place individuals in areas that match their skill set. However, there are those…

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