According to the University of Oregon, running in the summer can increase your performance by 5%. Running in the heat can quickly become tiring, and it’s easy to get overheated.

People who run very often know that there are different types of running gear, though, some of which is more appropriate for the colder months and some of which is most appropriate for the warmer months. In the hotter months, it’s best to select from summer running gear that will work to keep runners as cool as possible. The following are examples of some of the best types of running gear for those hot, humid months.


Shoes are the most essential pieces of running gear. They cushion runners’ feet and help keep them comfortable enough to perform at their best. For summertime running, it’s best to select from shoes that are made of breathable fabrics, such as ones with mesh vents that allow the air to pass through them and cool the feet. When runners’ feet get too hot, then they slow down and become tired more easily.


Socks go right along with the shoes. In addition to having breathable shoes, runners will also want to invest in breathable socks. Socks made of sweat-wicking fabrics and mesh ventilation are best for runners who don’t want sweaty feet that will contribute to the outbreak of blisters and sores. Technical running socks have flat seats, a snug fit and are made of breathable fabrics.


For the most comfortable running session, runners will likewise want clothing made of breathable materials too. Shirts, pants and shorts made of sweat-wicking materials are best. Not only do they allow air to pass through the fabrics, but they dry more quickly than other fabrics and help prevent rubbing of the fabric against the skin, which could lead to rashes and discomfort.

Sometimes the Opposite is Right

While most people think of short sleeves and less clothing to stay cooler in the summer months, runners who wear long sleeves made of air-wicking materials actually tend to stay cooler than those who wear short sleeves. It’s all in selecting the rights types of clothing made from breathable fabrics.

Staying cool can make all the difference in how well runners perform in the summertime. Cooler runners tend to be able to run more comfortably than those who are sweating to death.