Author: Jeff Ber

How to be an ethical volunteer

How to be an Ethical Volunteer 

Ethical volunteering is a process of providing support either as a person or using personal resources with good intentions and not volunteering for personal gains. Charitable organizations that engage in ethical volunteering place individuals in areas that match their skill set. However, there are those…


The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering 

The beneficial nature of leading a thoughtful, well-designed life has been thoroughly explored and has been linked to leading a happier life. In fact, scientific literature perfectly demonstrates that individuals that have a purpose in life, specifically people in their younger years, find that it’s…

How to volunteer with youth

How to Volunteer with Youth 

Children can grow up to be good people, and they should be guided by the right principles. Nothing helps nurture values as effectively as volunteering. The only thing parents have to worry about is finding the right volunteer opportunities. Volunteering With Toddlers It may seem…